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About Us

About Us

Ballet Beautiful uses a fusion of the Dance Curriculum provided by Living Dance International & Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Our Primary focus is on the Curriculum of Living Dance International with RAD being supplementary  

We believe in creating an environment where dancers are able to express themselves emotionally, physically and experience tremendous amounts of joy

Props such as scarves, hula hoops, fans, ribbons, puppets, tiara’s, fairy dust etc are also included to make classes more interesting

Ballet Beautiful provides every princes with an opportunity to express herself in dance.  We use fairy tales and our imagination to meet the characters  In joy, hard work is no trouble at all. In this joy we focus on Ballet technique and posture.  In every story we work hard on tippy toes, rounded arms, finger technique, positions of the feet and arms, core stability, co-ordination, balance etc.   With wholesome development in mind, our classes are designed to stimulate Cognitive-, motor- and effective development combined with Proprioception skill development, musical sense, listening skills, confidence and sociability.

Psalm 149:3:  “Let them praise His Name with dancing and make music to Him with tumbrel and harp.”



Liezel Drake

I am the Living Dance International teacher at Ballet Beautiful, who lives for dance and teaching.


My journey with dance started in 2010 with a group of contemporary dancers at a local church. I have always been captivated with dance, but this opportunity rekindled the fire in my heart. In 2012 I was approached by Annelle Botha – Principal of Happy Feet ballet. She had seen my passion for dance and wanted me to become a part of the team at Happy Feet ballet for 3 years.


I have successfully completed my Grade 6 Contemporary / Jazz Living dance examination and achieved it with commend. 

I have danced the following at Happy Feet Ballet:


  • DASA Ballet Grade 3

  • DASA Ballet Grade 6

  • DASA Ballet Intermediate foundation  

  • I also attend dance workshops on a regular basis. 


At Ballet Beautiful I do the following:  Curriculum development, the teaching of Studio and Pre-school classes at various institutions, co-coordinator of Price giving events / Exam events,  Studio and Pre-school concerts and general administration.


I am a teacher driven a passion for dance, and live to see this flame be ignited in the young minds of learners. I aim to create an environment in which learners are able to express themselves without limitations. I believe that every child should have the opportunity to dance and will walk the extra mile to ensure just that

Every little girl enjoys playing dress-up with jewelry, makeup, clothes and tutu’s.  Every little girl wants to look like a Ballerina.

At Ballet Beautiful we believe that God accepts each and every one of us, just as we are.  Whether you wear classes, have curly hair, have crooked toes or freckles on your nose; in the eyes of Jesus you are beautiful just like a princess ballerina – God’s princess ballerina.

1 John 3:1:  “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!  And that is what we are!


At Ballet Beautiful it is our number one priority to establish every little girl’s self image and to ensure that she knows how beautiful she is in the eyes of Jesus.  We teach self confidence by providing each little girl with an opportunity to see who she is in God.

1 John 5:1:  “Everyone who believed that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and everyone who loves the father, loves his child as well.”


It is only natural for princesses to look pretty, be joyful and to dance.  At Ballet Beautiful we encourage these three characteristics.  We also teach the value of friendships between princesses.

Psalm 45:13-14:  “All glories is the Princes within her chamber; her gown is interwoven with gold.  In her beautiful ropes, she is led to the king accompanied by her bridesmaids.”


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